The purrrfect wall mounted cat furniture

“Submerge is an object people will hang in their house with pride
and gives the cat the space it needs.”

Design furniture for cats and cat lovers

Kattenkwaad Design is started by us, Max and Manon,
two cat lovingproduct designers based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Cats have intrigued us from an early age ,their headstrongness and curiosity always leads them to new adventures.
However, this can be hard to find indoors. About 3 years ago we started to make furniture for Manons moms cats to give them more space to move around in her small apartment.
Not much later we started to make cat furniture as a business together naming our startup Kattenkwaad Design.
Kattenkwaad gives a refreshing, playful twist to cat furniture by breaking the status quo of plush scratching posts and presents the cats with a exciting environment.

Together with our Supurrrvisor Pippa, we design and make better looking and more durable cat furniture.
Something you really want to put in your home.

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Everything your fluffy friend might need

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To show the world how much of a cat-person you REALY are

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